How to use a Frame Machine?

The Frame Machine straightening consists of a platform large enough to carry a car, SUV, or truck, and two or three vertical posts or towers which will be rotated 360degrees and moved along the perimeter of the platform to work on different areas of a vehicle frame.

Newer machines use computerized line-of-sight lasers or sonic transmitters to evaluate a car’s chassis and diagnose how much damage it has suffered.

a Frame Machine

These diagnostics are used to determine if the vehicle is repairable and to provide an estimate of how long the repair should take, which is necessary to calculate the cost. This onboard measurement equipment is also used to ensure that the repair is done accurately.

How does a body Frame Machine work?

a body frame machine workA damaged vehicle is climbed onto the platform and bolted to rigid clamps that hold it firmly in place so it cannot move forward, backward, or sideways.  The chains on the towers are attached to specific points on the car’s frame, supported where diagnostics indicate that straightening is required.

The hydraulic machinery of the tower gradually increases the strain within the chains to return the form to its section of the frame. The machine’s electronic measurement system verifies that adjustments are made correctly, therefore the frame is restored to exact manufacturer specifications, and therefore the vehicle is driven correctly.

How to use a body Frame Machine? Briefly explanation?

How to use body frame machine

A body frame machine is used to repair damage to the inner frame of your vehicle from collisions, to restore it to its original shape. This damage occurs in about half all vehicle accidents, which is why rack machines are a typical piece of apparatus in body shops.

They are doing the task humans just do not have the strength to try to toby using hydraulics, leverage, and full torque.  Frame Machine sizes are typically 15 to 24 feet for traditional vehicle bodies, and full-size or larger trucks or SUVs may require a frame of up to 24 feet.

They’ll include two or three rotating towers (360 degrees) that allow you to use tension to the vehicle’s frame and stretch or pull it to straighten it to its original shape. Frame repair is typically accomplished by pushing or pulling a bit of the frame, counting on the damage and sort of frame.

As an example, with the unibody frame, which is what most cars have, there are no thanks to getting to the opposite side of the damaged area to be ready to force to straighten a bent section, so pulling is important.

Towers accomplish this by performing from outside the damage zone and moving off from the world with increasing torque until the section straightens. The more towers the body frame machine has, the more accurately it can restore the frame shape to normal.

Frame machines hold your vehicle’s frame in a static position so that repairs can be made. They will typically have loading ramps so you can drive the vehicle up to the machine bed, where the vehicle is bolted. Chains are attached to pull the frame and the hydraulic system adjusts the tension.

More modern and sophisticated machines will include measuring equipment and even computerized measuring equipment, so you can make more precise adjustments. You can enter the original dimensions of the frame and push and/or pull the frame until it reaches that dimension and then stops. The measurement system will provide measurements of height, weight, and length.

On machines for unibody frames or single unit frames, the body and frame are in one piece. The body frame machine is for vehicles where the body is detached but then secured to the frame. Some auto body shops may have portable rack machines due to space limitations or because they need to be moved to other locations.

If your vehicle is brought in after an accident, your insurance company will often pay a standard value of two hours of labor to have your vehicle placed in the body frame machine and diagnosed. It will report if the frame is damaged beyond repair or can be repaired. You will also estimate how many hours of frame machine time (i.e. cost) will be required to make repairs. Another consideration on whether the vehicle is worth repairing.

Frame damage assessment

Frame Machine damage assessment

First, your vehicle will be placed on a platform so that the condition of its frame can be assessed. A special device can be used to measure the extent of damage to the frame. It will then be determined whether the frame can be restored to its original shape and a cost and time estimate can be provided to the customer.

If the frame damage is superficial, repair may be a simple solution. However, if the damage is more extensive, a machine may be required to straighten the frame.

Frame damage repair

Frame Machine damage repair

The A-frame straightening machine works by using hydraulics and chains to return the deformed frame to its original shape. To repair a vehicle frame with a frame straightening machine, the vehicle will be lifted onto the platform and locked in place.

The chains will then be attached to particular parts of the frame. The chains will slowly be removed and the frame will gradually tighten. This process will be done carefully so that the frame is as close to its original position as possible. Once the vehicle has been measured to ensure the process is complete, it can be returned to its owner.

Conclusion Frame Machine

Conclusion Frame Machine

After reading all the steps I have mentioned in this article, you will get an idea of ​​how the auto frame machine is used. The free machine is used to wrap the frame of your car in a stable position so that it can be repaired.

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