Shopping Malls in Mobile Al

Shopping Malls in the Mobile Al is a large shopping complex containing a variety of shops and often restaurants and other commercial establishments located in a series of connected or adjacent buildings or in a single large building

Shopping Malls in Mobile Al

Different types of shopping centers

    Neighborhood Center

This center is designed to provide convenience shopping for the daily needs of consumers in the immediate neighborhood. A neighborhood center is typically a straight-line strip with no closed walkway or mall area.

    Community Center

Community centers (or community shopping centers) are larger than neighborhood centers and offer a wider range of products. They typically have two anchor stores that are larger than those in a neighborhood center, e.g. Eg a discount department store.

They can also follow a strip configuration, or they can be L or U-shaped. Community centers typically have a retail area of ​​100,000 to 350,000 square feet (9,300 to 33,000 m2) and serve the main area of ​​3 to 6 miles (4, 8 to 9.7 km).

Regional Center

This center sells a full range of general merchandise, primarily clothing. Its main attractions are its anchors; they are usually closed shopping centers (Shopping for imported Items).

Super Regional Center

This center is similar to the regional center, but is larger with more anchors and offers a deeper selection of merchandise. Superregional centers are based on a larger population. The typical configuration is included with multilevel.

Fashion / Specialty Center

-Fashion or specialty centers feature boutiques and luxury clothing stores and serve higher-income customers. They typically have a business area ranging from 80,000 to 250,000 square feet (7,400 to 23,000 m2) and serve an area of ​​5 to 15 miles (8.0 to 24 km).

Top 8 Shopping Malls of Mobile Al

  • Bel Air stores
  • Eastern Shore Center
  • Pinebrook Mall
  • Springdale mall
  • Saraland crosses
  • Skyland Mall
  • McGowin Park
  • Shoppes in Fairhope Village

So let’s start learning it in detail…

Bel Air stores Shopping Malls in Mobile 

Bel Air stores Shopping Malls in Mobile

The mall seems to have a facelift or just a cleaner look than I remember from a long time ago. The mall is spacious, parking is adequate and fully guarded by security, and there are a plethora of stores offering the latest in clothing, goods, and merchandise.

Multiple dining options, both quick and sit-down, and a nearby Starbucks make this a top-notch shopping experience. This is a very nice furniture store. You can buy anything from your favorite sports drinks, snacks, baked goods, fresh meat to household items, and furniture.

Eastern Shore Center interesting Mall

Eastern Shore Center Shopping Malls In Mobile

Eastern Shore Center started out strong as a large open-air shopping complex and an interesting alternative to West Mobile’s conventional centers. However, more than a decade after its existence, this lifestyle center has lost several retailers and now has a higher vacancy rate than Bel Air Mall and Legacy Village (a smaller lifestyle center in Spring Hill. ) combined. Eastern Shore Center has not landed a new national retailer in over three years.

Eastern Shore Center has attractive storefronts and lush landscaping. Even with numerous openings, Eastern Shore Center is one of the aesthetically pleasing developments in the region.

Pinebrook best Shopping Malls in Mobile

Pinebrook Shopping Malls In Mobile

Pinebrook Mall is Aland’s best mobile mall, anchored by Whole Foods, PetSmart, Steinmart, and BAM! 200,000 square foot facility located in the center of Mobile’s main business corridor with traffic counts of approximately 53,000 VPD. It is half a mile from the wealthiest neighborhoods in Mobile.

Springdale Shopping Mall in mobile


Springdale Shopping Malls In Mobile

Springdale Mall is a mall located in Mobile, Alabama, United States, directly across from Bel Air Mall. Opened in 1959 as an open-air mall, Springdale Mall was later remodeled as a closed mall. Facing competition from the larger Shopping Malls in Mobile within the area, Springdale was demolished piecemeal within the 2000s, and most of the old closed mall was replaced by large stores.

Springdale is almost entirely an outdoor hub again, with Bed Bath & Beyond, Big Lots, Burke’s Outlet, Burlington Coat Factory, Cost Plus World Market, Marshalls, Michaels, Sam’s Club, and Shoe Station as anchor stores. The center is managed and owned by Brixmor.

Saraland crosses new shopping center 

Saraland crosses Shopping Malls

Saraland Crossings is a brand new shopping center appropriately located in Saraland, Alabama.

The anchor store is the Publix supermarket; Go there are several restaurants and some smaller businesses to keep things interesting. It is conveniently located right off the highway. You can go here and buy what you want according to your taste and enjoy them with great facilities.

Skyland Mall best Shopping Mall in Mobile

Skyland Shopping Malls In Mobile

Skyland is a neighborhood in southeastern Washington, D.C. It is bordered by Good Hope Road to the northeast, Alabama Avenue to the southeast, and Fort Stanton Park to the south and west. See also the article on Anacostia. Mixed feelings as the new development of downtown Skyland Town quickly becomes a reality.

By the tip of this year, a minimum of the primary phase of this massive project is complete. Suddenly, what was once simply the Skyland Mall that was considered by many to be a dilapidated and less-safe place to shop will be the kind of shopping and living space that has never been seen east of the Anacostia River area.

McGowin Park regional energy center

McGowin Par Shopping Malls In Mobile

McGowin Park is a regional energy center development project strategically located in the southeast quadrant of Interstate 65 and Government Boulevard (Highway 90) in Mobile, Alabama. The 82-acre site will consist of approximately 650,000 square feet of commercial space and will be developed in two phases.

McGowin Park is also home to Hank Aaron Stadium, which opened in 1997 at an estimated cost of $ 8 million. The stadium seats approximately 6,000 fans and is home to the Mobile Bay Bears, a minor league baseball team of the Arizona Diamondbacks. The number of stores in McGowin Park Shopping Center is 24, you can enjoy them.

Shoppes in Fairhope Village

Shoppes in Fairhope Village Shopping Malls In Mobile

There will be 28 stores in addition to the Publix (anchor) grocery store – according to data recently released by management (Regency Centers of Atlanta) A “Nail Talk” and a “McConnell Training Systems” have already rented space in the new complex (under construction at the Greeno / Parker Rd. intersection).

According to its website: “Regency Centers is a nationwide developer, owner, and operator of community and grocery store malls.” and is a member of the “U.S Green Building Council”.

Conclusion Shopping Malls in Mobile 

A shopping center has become a fundamental necessity in a civilized urban area. It is necessary for many purposes. And people enjoy its presence, as it promotes tranquility and comfort. Buying food or shoes is no longer a burden.

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