Shopping malls in Sarasota FL in 2021

Shopping malls in Sarasota are located on the beautiful Gulf Coast of Florida and are home to a variety of fascinating attractions. Coming to this place will surely guarantee you a lot of things to do and see, and depending on how you plan your itinerary. You can have a fun and interesting activity for every hour of your stay.

Shopping mall in Sarasota

Whether it’s a visit to the beautiful gardens, a tour of the featured museums, going from one entertainment venue to another, or dining at any of the many romantic restaurants.

You will never be short of attractions when visiting Shopping malls in Sarasota. The shopping experience in this city is also something you should never miss, and in that regard, read below for the best shopping malls in Sarasota, Florida.

Top 10 Shopping Malls in Sarasota Fl

  • St Armand’s Circle 
  • Colonial Village 
  • Westfield Siesta Keys
  • Midtown Plaza
  • Shopping malls
  • Paradise Plaza 
  • The Mall at University Town Center
  • Pelican Plaza 
  • Glengary Stores 

So let’s start learning it in detail…

St Armand’s Circle Shopping mall in Sarasota 

St Armand Circle Shopping Mall in Sarasota

St. Armand’s Circle is a favorite shopping mall ( Shopping Mall in Birmingham) of Sarasota destinations for Sarasota tourists and is highly recommended for anyone who wants to get a real sense of it. The location is home to a variety of unique shops and is also home to some of the best restaurants in Sarasota.

As such, it offers great shopping and dining opportunities, making it an easy option for most tourists arriving in the region. Some of the shops and brands you’ll find here include Fox Lady, Edison Craig, Little Bow Tech, Lily Pulitzer, and Big Olaf.

Colonial Village Shopping malls in Sarasota

Colonial Village Shopping Malls in Sarasota

This is a huge development where you will find more than just shopping. It is a complex designed for modern city dwellers who want to have all the comforts of a good life within walking distance. In addition to being a commercial center, the complex is also home to residential and commercial properties, with thousands of people living and working without ever having to leave the complex.

In terms of the Shopping malls in Sarasota experience, the complex is home to some of the country’s top retail brands and stores, and also has a good selection of restaurants serving a variety of dishes from around the world.

Westfield Siesta Keys

Westfield Siesta Keys Shopping Malls in Sarasota

Westfield Siesta Keys was previously known as Westfield Southgate and is another brilliant destination to consider if you want to have a true Shopping mall in Sarasota sensation. You’ll find big hits like Dillard’s, Macy’s, banana republic, Gap, and Sak’s Fifth Avenue, among others.

Whether you are interested in fashion, home goods, children’s clothing, or you need to shop for unique souvenir items, you will be pleased with the variety of selections you will find at Westfield Siesta Keys. In addition, the complex has a variety of restaurants where you can take occasional breaks to refuel before continuing with your shopping.

Midtown Plaza Shopping malls in Sarasota

Midtown Plaza Shopping Malls in Sarasota

If you would love to shop at trendsetting stores like American eagle, Aldo, and Forever 21, then all you need is a trip to Midtown Plaza in Shopping malls in Sarasota. It is one of the most recommended shopping destinations for those interested in fashion, although it is also home to a variety of national retailers, ensuring that you will most likely find everything under one roof.

You’ll also love its selection of food venues, ice cream parlors, gift shops, and game rooms to ensure a very satisfying shopping experience.

Shopping malls in Sarasota Commons

Sarasota Commons

This is the typical commercial center of a city, which houses a wide variety of retailers, supermarkets, and restaurants. It’s a local favorite for its ample parking spaces, and tourists love it too as they can buy everything they need under one roof.

In addition, its location allows easy access for motorists who will also benefit from the many parking spaces available in the shopping center. Whether you want to shop, dine, play games, or entertain yourself, Sarasota Commons has it all for you.

Paradise Plaza popular Westfield Southgate Mall

Paradise Plaza Shopping Malls in Sarasota

Paradise Plaza is just a couple of blocks from the popular Westfield Southgate Mall. It has Publix Grocery Store as its anchor store, and it is also home to a variety of national brands that handle various types of products. It is often seen as a decent alternative for those who don’t want to face a lot of human traffic, which is sometimes seen at Westfield Southgate Mall.

The Mall at University Town Center

University Town Center Shopping Malls in Sarasota

This is 623relatively new Shopping malls in Sarasota and houses more than 100 stores and restaurants within its retail space. Some of the notable brands and retailers you’ll find here include Sex Fifth Avenue, Apple, Neiman Marks, Kate Speed, and Michael Kors.

The mall is conveniently located between District West and District East, where you will find a wealth of shopping and dining opportunities in the unlikely you don’t like the options at The Mall at University Town Center.

Pelican Plaza Shopping malls in Sarasota

Pelican Plaza Shopping Malls in Sarasota

The Pelican Plaza Mall is your ideal destination if you consider yourself a savvy shopper. If you are not in the mood to visit a typical downtown mall, but still want a place where you are guaranteed to find everything you are looking for, Next is the Pelican Plaza Shopping Center.

Whether you need to pick out a few Ulta essentials or want to shop for all the family members at Old Navy, you will have plenty of options for hassle-free and relaxed shopping at this mall.

Scott Plaza shopping center

Scott Plaza Shopping Malls in Sarasota

Scott Plaza is not simply a shopping center, but a combination of retail stores and residential units. It houses a variety of retail stores that will suffice for normal shopping needs, but if you need to shop from the leading brands or are looking for something more exclusive, you’d better check out the other malls on this list.

It also has a small number of cafes and restaurants where you can always eat something to recharge during your shopping experience.

Glengary Stores best place in Sarasota

Glengary Stores Shopping Malls in Sarasota

Glengary Shoppes is a community shopping center and one of the best places for most shopaholics in Sarasota. It is home to some of the stores that people love and adore, with names like Barnes & Noble, Best Buy, IHOP, and Pearle Vision as some of its tenants. It has ample parking space and is also easily accessible for most motorists, making it extremely convenient for most shoppers in Sarasota.

Conclusion Shopping malls in Sarasota

Sarasota will not let you down when it comes to shopping. Just as it is endowed with other attractions, it is also well endowed with business opportunities. Enter any of these shopping centers in Sarasota, Florida, for a unique and pleasant shopping experience.

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